Mina dedicates her attention to interdisciplinarity rather than one field in particular.
In fact, she has specialized in being an interdisciplinary expert in dynamics that shape global and public affairs.

Leadership, international relations, image and communication, human capital, governance and management, research and development, each aspect of her career, all together necessary for the improvement of the well-being of our societies and to generate progress through the main field of global and public affairs, has combined to make her the person she is today.

Here is a brief summary of the story.

One true fact: she never liked labels.


Some know me as the presidential advisor. Some define me as a communication expert or the emerging markets specialist. For others, the ‘Make it Happener’. One true fact: I never liked labels. Be it from a scientific perspective or hands on the field, for the past decade I have done just that: using my unique combination of international experience, communication skills, human capital, legal and political acumen I built in the service of progress, while staying true to my values.
As a result, I am proud to have worked on the most exciting projects with the most inspiring people in ten different countries. While still helping organizations successfully navigate through even more challenging transformations, yet focusing on the people first, I still don’t know what challenges are ahead or what successes will be in store.

The only certainty: we will make it happen!


The InNations Group

The Innations Group, leadership management office, is the one-stop shop partner dedicated to the development of well-being of Nations through Innovations.

InNations brings together a group of targeted departments, agencies and partners with social impact in various and complementary fields created and designed to respond to a targeted problem: promoting development and guaranteeing a global support offer toward leadership management. With innovation and new information & communication technologies, the Group provides leadership management support to the three main components that make our great nations: Institutions. Economy. Individuals.

With InNations, we make a greater Impact for the well-being of Nations through innovation!


Mina holds a master’s degree in International Relations (IE School of Global and Public Affairs, Spain), a master’s degree in Public International Law (Strasbourg University, France), a University Degree in International Economic Law from La Sorbonne in Paris (France) and pursued her Executive MBA at the SBS (Swiss Business School in Zürich, Switzerland). She also is a certified coach for leaders (Haute Ecole de coaching, Paris, France), pursued a specialization in Digital Law from the University of Geneva (Switzerland) as well as a specialization in Negotiation and Leadership at the Harvard Law School (Cambridge, MA, USA). Passionate about and dedicate to human behavior and leadership, she also graduated in neurosciences at the European Academy of Neurosciences.